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Overachievers is proud to provide services to students located in all U.S. time zones and regions through our distance learning program, pod learning program and network of nanny educators. Anywhere you roam, we are right by your side to never miss a day of school!


With Overachievers, your child will receive a holistic educational experience. Think SMILES: Spirituality, Montessori, Inclusion, Literacy, Empowerment & STEAMED then Get Started Today!

Early Children's Learning Center


The Perfect Learning Environment For Your Child

We believe that children learn more through the development of emotional intelligence, awareness of self and others, active research and exploration. Therefore, to build their creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking ability, we encourage every student within our “halls” to make sense of their world.

Early Children's Learning Center

Who We Are

Overachievers Institution of Learning is an extraordinary, inclusive school offering a high-quality education for all! We guide our learners into a spiritually, emotionally, mentally and academically fulfilling future by providing them with the tools they need to not only be knowledgeable and intelligent but grounded and prosperous as well.



Redefining Modern Education

Overachievers Institution of Learning offers a high quality inclusive & comprehensive education to children from infancy through middle school. We aren’t just a school; we’re a community for change, built to fill in the gaps of the current educational system by being parent owned, educator operated & child focused! Students focus on their own individual growth, receive guidance in Montessori, lessons in STEAMED and so much more with our premier learning programs!

We offer the following services to families:

Overachievers is proud to be able to offer families Income-Based Tuition.  Click Here to learn more. Also, check out our FAQs page.


Early Learning Program

Bright Abilities Early Learning Program ensures your children get what they need in preparation for full-day studies once they reach the appropriate age. Our strong learning format will keep every child engaged and give them an exciting educational experience at a tender age so that they can always look forward to the next lesson. Your family will receive a premier experience with Bright Abilities!

* Language Development

* Parent & Me Classes

* Engaging Activities

* Fun & Exploration

* Group Lessons

* Practical Life

* Sensorial

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Pre-Recorded Teaching Time Lessons

Our Montessori guides will provide your family with five 30-minute pre-recorded learning time lessons and detailed lesson plans each week, to guide assist in guiding your early learner into a Bright Future! Each Learning Time Lesson is customized and ready to keep your 3-4 year old engaged and excited about learning!

  • Learning Time guidance in both Montessori and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics)
  • Detailed lesson plans to make guidance parent friendly.
  • Access to our private group of parents for support and collaboration.
  • BONUS: Immersive Spanish lessons with fun offline learning materials
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Literacy Program

Encouraging a passion for reading and writing.

Serving students with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and similar learning challenges, Overachievers Institution of Learning is excited to offer KCKS Literacy Program as part of our schoolwide mission to drive literacy to students outside of our institution who may be in need of some extra guidance. We cultivate, strengthen, and invest in the most impactful methods and strategies to enhance learning, interest, and comprehension in our students’ reading and writing. Connect with us today!


Download student schedules below:

Early Childhood

Elementary 1

Elementary 2

Middle School

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